StreetwiZe & Accenture join forces to empower street kids & colleagues

StreetwiZe, a unique talent development provider, is partnering with Accenture to magnify the social impact of its work with street kids and bring essential “street” skills to Accenture people in Belgium as part of their leadership development.


For more than 20 years, StreetwiZe founder, Arnoud Raskin and his team have valorized the talents and survival skills of street kids through Mobile Schools in 22 countries. This pioneering outreach strategy shifts attitudes away from assistance to empowerment. Taking inspiration from the many extraordinary street kids Mobile School works with, StreetwiZe has developed an impact driven approach to talent and leadership growth in a business context, helping corporates to develop 4 essential “street” skills that are at the heart of making the impossible possible, on the street and at work:

  • Positive focus
  • Agility & resilience
  • Cooperative competition
  • Proactive creativity

Read a personal story on the impact of StreetwiZe training further down!

Tech4Good: New mobile app

StreetwiZe invests 100% of its profits in Mobile School, co-creates the educational materials used on the streets, and relentlessly focuses on improving its social impact. Technology can significantly accelerate this. The new mobile app being developed with Accenture will enable Mobile School to stay closer to the street kids it helps, track their learning and assess their development. Close collaboration with social entrepreneurs like StreetwiZe/Mobile School is key to how Accenture Corporate Citizens make a difference and have real impact. Introducing the unique StreetwiZe training to our Leadership Program curriculum is an exciting way to further strengthen this partnership!

My street skills learning journey so far

Brecht Verhamme (Manager - Health & Public Services) joined Accenture Belgium & Luxembourg in 2010 and has enjoyed all challenges thrown at him since then. “I knew about the work of Arnoud Raskin from the TV series ‘Napels Zien’, plus I live close to the Mobile School HQ in Leuven, so my interest was immediately triggered when I saw that we could join the StreetwiZe training program. Now three months in, it has been a very positive experience. The training has helped me to overcome several hurdles and dilemmas by providing concrete measures I could initiate in the office. Thanks to this, I was able to resolve a particularly challenging stalemate!”


Author: Kristof Lambert