'My passion for music has never left me'

Nina travels the world for pleasure and her Accenture career. The latest stop for this musical engineer is Luxembourg, where she can indulge her passion for solving complex problems, being in nature, and who knows, even forming a choir with colleagues.

Meet Niña Monteverde, Manager - SAP at Accenture Belgium & Luxembourg

‘At school I excelled in music, sports and art! But in the Philippines, music is not really a career option. Because I’m always up for a challenge, eager to learn and prove I can do something, I chose engineering. The obvious path when I graduated was into the engineering industry. However, I did not feel entirely at home in that environment. Accenture offered me the best of both worlds: working with world-leading engineering clients (satellites, semi-conductors…) but from a consulting perspective.’

‘The fact that I haven’t worked for any other company is proof that I still find all these elements and new opportunities at Accenture, including being able to live and work in different countries.’ 

‘My permanent transfer to Luxembourg in 2017 was the biggest life change I’ve made so far. I spotted an opportunity on our internal Career Marketplace website, which advertises open Accenture roles around the world. The project was interesting and I was curious to know what it would be like to work in Europe. In the Philippines, my  clients were spread across Malaysia, Singapore, China but also France and the UK. Today, it’s really easy and fast to cross the border into other European countries. I really like Luxembourg; it’s a mini-Switzerland!’

"Nothing beats the satisfaction of building a great tool that really benefits your client"

‘Today, technology is everywhere in our lives, from fashion to food and it’s full of exciting opportunities, the latest being how to adapt to a digital world. It’s great to see more and more women entering technology and showing that they can excel in what was once considered a male-dominated industry. At Accenture, we are always innovating and continuously improving. Things never stand still, and like me, this company is always up for the next challenge.’ 

‘I particularly enjoy analyzing large quantities of new information and I am not easily overwhelmed, which is useful when assigned new, unfamiliar roles or complex problems to solve. My specialty is System Integration. My particular focus is the SAP FICO module (Finance & Controlling). FICO is an important module of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) because it stores all of a company’s financial transactions. My job involves integrating FICO with other SAP modules, and of course, data migration… Nothing beats the satisfaction of building a great tool that really benefits your client.’ 

‘In consulting, you encounter all sorts of characters and behaviors, not least because we are a global company, so it’s important to understand them all. I believe this lies at the heart of effective collaboration. It is better for everyone to work in a conflict-free team, where mutual respect is strong. People development is very important at Accenture. My mentors have helped me most in my career, guiding and pointing me in the right direction. Now I’m also a mentor and I am very proud of all the people I have supported and how they have grown to where they are today.’

"Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist 'can' come from anywhere"

‘What gets me up in the morning is looking forward to building client relationships, driving through beautiful nature on my way to work in Luxembourg, and… coffee! Work is a big passion in my life. But I also treasure moments alone, especially connecting with nature. Any nature involving heights is good for me! Traveling alone also helps me discover more about myself.’ 

Another passion is bowling, which I first discovered through Accenture! Now I’m an expert, playing in company tournaments but also external tournaments and in 2016, I was national finalist in the Philippines!’ 

‘But above all, my passion for music has never left me. As a student, I sung in choirs and even formed a band. I still sing, whatever comes into my head, especially in the morning. In fact, if I hadn’t joined Accenture I would probably have been a singing coach!’

‘To quote from a favorite movie, Ratatouille: “Not everyone can become a great artist; but a great artist ‘can’ come from ‘anywhere’”. They just have to believe in themselves. At university I formed a choir with totally inexperienced people. I grouped them by vocal range and coached them. In the end, they could sing together in harmony. That’s exactly what I try to do with my team at Accenture.’

Niña Monteverde (1983)

Studied: Electronic & Communication Engineering
Started working at Accenture: 2005
Relationship status: Single 
Loves: Baking and decorating cakes, especially chiffon cakes. It fulfills my artistic side
Gets annoyed by: I’m not easy to annoy! I rarely lose my temper
Favorite food: Thai green chicken curry
On my nightstand: Smartphone 
Listens to: R&B, Latino and musicals. My favorite song is “On My Own” from Les Miserables
Last purchase: Ladurée cakes
Would like to sit next to in the plane: Robert Kiyosaki, Angelina Jolie, otherwise next to the window! 
Life-changing event(s): Relocating to Luxembourg
The best lesson life has taught me: Something the character Gusteau says in the movie Ratatouille: “You must be imaginative, strong-hearted. You must try things that may not work, and you must not let anyone define your limits because of where you come from. Your only limit is your soul. What I say is true - anyone can cook... but only the fearless can be great.”
What I learned last week: If you focus on what you left behind you will never see what lies ahead!
Most beautiful place on earth: Yosemite National Park
Hobbies/passions: Music, nature and bowling
What nobody knows about me: I graduated as Corps Commander (the highest rank) from my Civil Military Training during high school in the Philippines. Military training cultivates your attitude towards life and leadership, both physically and mentally 
Life motto: “Learn from the tradition of yesterday, the challenge of today, and the promise of tomorrow.” 

Author: Liz Morrison