Jasmien's childhood love for solving puzzles has served her well in adulthood. Whether it's executing a CRM program in 8 countries or shaping her new home, she keeps an eye on the tiniest details but can also see the big picture.

Meet Jasmien Verhoelst, Technology Consultant - Cloud

‘What I love about Accenture is that they throw you right into the thick of things – in a good way. I think it’s the best way to learn and to achieve goals. My first experience with Accenture was at an university campus event in Antwerp where we were given a business case to solve in a very short time and then had to pitch it. I was so energised by the whole day-in-the-life-of-a-consultant scenario that I knew right then and there that this is the company I wanted to work for when I graduated.’ In fact, the experience left such an indelible impact on me that I’m now involved in recruitment-related activities for graduates.’

‘Accenture stayed true to its philosophy and I hit the ground running. When I joined, I was put on a project where I supported the roll-out of a new mobile tablet app and back-end solution for sales teams in eight Western European countries. This project had me travelling back and forth to Italy which was challenging as I was working away from my team but it also helped me take initiative and learn to manage anything that came up. It also instilled my love for the country.'

‘When I look back at what I achieved in my first six months on the job, it’s deeply satisfying -- my technology is being used by 40 people in Italy. Sometimes I underestimate the impact you can make on someone’s job. Before, these sales reps worked on Excel and now they have a nice user-friendly tool that makes their work lives easier. One thing I learned from this initial experience is that the impact of this tool extends much farther than sales; it affects marketing, supply chain, etc. As a technology consultant, our work goes way beyond technology, it affects every aspect of business.’

“I remember my manager saying to me ‘the worst thing you can do is not reach out for help”

‘Working away from my team right off the bat wasn’t as daunting as it sounds because I had a great team that trusted and believed in me and told me I could do it. As a matter a fact, I never felt alone because they were such a great resource and happy to answer any of my questions.  I remember my manager saying to me ‘the worst thing you can do is not reach out for help’. It was comforting to know that help was just a call away.’

“I don’t like standing still and always want to move forward”

‘I would label myself an ‘achiever’ and I’m always up for a challenge, big or small. My current project, which involves the tracking of a client’s commercial assets, gives me ample opportunities to set and achieve goals. Even in my spare time, I don’t like standing still and always want to move forward. Since spending six months abroad on my first project, I've grown a love for everything Italian so I'm starting to learn the language. And I'm a big coffee fan so whenever I visit a new city, I'm always on a mission to find the perfect Latte Macchiato.'

“I’m a big coffee fan so whenever I visit a new city, I’m always on a mission to find the perfect Latte Macchiato”

‘Personally, my greatest challenge to date is shaping my new house that my boyfriend and I recently bought. Like any significant project, there’s so much involved in turning it into a home. I wanted to jump into the details like putting up pictures, picking out a bookshelf and decorating, but there was all the foundational work to be done such as installing the tiles, stairs, and terrace. It’s like putting all the little pieces of the puzzle together to create the look you want. I must admit it’s nice to finally see it all come together.’


Jasmien Verhoelst (1992)

Studied: Communication Sciences and General Management
Started working at Accenture: in August 2015
Relationship status: Living together
Loves: Italian food, Netflix series and a good coffee
Gets annoyed by: People being late. I like punctuality
Favorite food: Italian Pasta
On my nightstand: The new Dan Brown book ‘Origin’
Listens to: Coldplay
Would like to sit next to in the plane: Gert Verhulst, to learn how he feels about his Studio 100 imperium and if he could do it over, what he would have done differently
Life-changing event(s):  Graduating from high school and becoming a godmother
The best lesson life has taught me: The more challenges during the journey, the better the destination
What I learned last week: The future of blockchain and artificial intelligence
Most beautiful place on earth: Italy
Hobbies/passions: Coffee, meeting with friends and watching a good Netflix series
What nobody knows about me: I’m a big fan of the Oscars so every year I wake up in the middle of the night to watch the show live on television because it’s such an incredible show.
Life motto:  Life is like a cup of coffee… it’s all in how you make it or take it