People are what make Accenture Luxembourg a Great Company to Work With

It’s now a few months since the Accenture Luxembourg practice received the special jury award ‘Great Company to Work With’ at the Gala IT One, the largest gathering of ICT professionals in the country.

During the ceremony, I wasn’t aware that we were going to take the trophy home. Once I had the award in my hands, lots of people came to congratulate us and told us that we really deserved it! That was a great feeling, and here’s why…

This award is unique because it is completely market recognition. There is no shortlist of companies; it goes to the company receiving the most independent nominations by Luxembourg CIOs. Although we are not the largest firm in Luxembourg in terms of people, we still rank amongst the most important players on the market thanks to our continuous efforts and good work. Being a small entity competing against larger competitors makes receiving this recognition even more rewarding!

Of course, this award is for the service we deliver but it’s also for how we deliver it: in other words, our people.

The human aspect of professional relationships is vital: it’s important for Accenture that clients enjoy talking and working with our people, in an atmosphere of trust as well as professionalism while we partner with them to bring new ideas

And because we are a small practice, we are a very close-knit community, where teamwork is second nature… even outside work like our annual participation in the ING Night Marathon, this year on May 28!

Lux_ING_Marathon 2

Our people also have an impact on society. Through Corporate Citizenship initiatives in Luxembourg, from Skills to Succeed to the Environment, we enable then to invest in activities that make a positive difference. For example, working with Passport Avenir to coach youngsters to develop the skills to find a job and become tomorrow’s leaders. The award equally highlights this aspect of Accenture and our mission to ‘bring innovations to improve the way the world works and lives’. In a nutshell: thinking about how we can help people is in our DNA, not only for our clients’ businesses, but also empowering our people and the communities in which we operate.

This award is for the entire Luxembourg practice. It confirms what we tell our people: not only do we think they are doing a great job but so does the market. Congratulations again to you all!

Author: Laurent Moscetti