Celebrating our Diversity Label Award

Accenture Belgium has been awarded the Diversity Label by ACTIRIS and Brussels Capital Region in recognition of our inclusive company culture.

With the Diversity Label, we are proud to celebrate a new diversity milestone for our company! Inclusion is grounded in our core values and business ethics. And as an innovation-led company, a diverse workforce is a must. But diversity needs to be supported by an inclusive culture, where different perspectives and approaches are truly respected and valued and where everyone can be at their best. This has been our intention and vision from the outset.

Making our commitment to an inclusive workplace visible & accountable

Our journey towards the Diversity Label began in 2015 when we signed the Brussels Capital Region Diversity Charter. This was followed by an in-depth review with ACTIRIS of all our ongoing Inclusion & Diversity initiatives. Based on this, we defined and implemented a Diversity Plan across multiple domains, from recruiting to external positioning.

The Diversity Plan enabled us to measure the progress and effectiveness of our ongoing actions, programs and policies. It helped us to better align diversity management priorities with our business strategies and objectives. Last but not least, it helped us to realize that we can be proud of everything we have already achieved:

  • As a pioneering company in Belgium regarding LGBT, recognized by the 2017 Pink Brand of the Year Award for LGBTQ Friendly Company, co-launching the business networking initiative Open@Work with our LGBT employees...
  • As one of the first companies in Belgium to address parenthood as a topic relevant to all employees – mothers and fathers – and to offer different flexibility options to reflect life phases and family situations...
  • As the signatory of charters such as Kinderen Toegelaten/Enfant Admis aimed at creating a more open and inclusive Belgian labor market…
  • As a partner with organizations promoting gender equality and empowering women on the labor market such as JUMP and Fierce Ladies
  • As an active member of DMAB (Diversity Managers Association Belgium) – a network of companies sharing best practices around managing diversity and creating an inclusive workplace for all talents.

Nurturing our inclusive work culture and cherishing our diverse talent is not done in isolation. We will continue to work with all our people and outside organizations on this domain to support, practice and celebrate inclusion in all its forms, both within Accenture and in wider society.

Author: Marta Pogorzelska