Accenture’s Leadership DNA: Bringing out the best in everyone

Accenture’s mission is to bring innovations to improve the way businesses work and people live. This starts by creating an environment in which our own people can thrive, grow and be their best selves.
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At Accenture Belgium & Luxembourg, we have laid the foundations for making this ambition reality through our inclusive workplace, by adopting new methodologies for imagining, shaping and delivering innovative solutions, and via new experiences that inspire our people, clients and future colleagues. The goal? To grow the leadership qualities of each individual and have a positive impact on business and wider society.

Now in its 7th year, our Leadership Program helps to keep leadership development firmly on the training agenda, in addition to regular training programs offered to our people. A dynamic annual program offers multiple, high-quality and personalized opportunities to learn, grow and share experiences at every level of our organization, from junior to senior, regardless of role, industry or technology specialization. There’s something for everyone!


Building on the impressive list of inspirational speakers we have already welcomed to our Brussels office in recent years - including personalities such as the polar explorer Dixie Dansercoer, digital thought leader Steven Van Belleghem, and Jim Stolze, CSO of Singularity University (the Netherlands) – in 2019 we launched Bright Ideas, an exclusive evening for all our people to experience TEDx-style talks focusing on the Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Innovation stories of eminent thought leaders. To help us kick off in style, we welcomed as guest keynotes the serial entrepreneur and author Peter Hinssen, plus Stijn Christiaens, the co-founder and CTO of Collibra, Belgium’s first ‘unicorn’. 

What stood out for me in Peter Hinssen’s speech is the Phoenix vs . Unicorn story. He showed that big companies can radically innovate and disrupt themselves to become market leaders. In the future, it may not be the Unicorns and startups we need to look out for but the most innovative big companies


These small, regular sessions are an opportunity for junior colleagues to connect informally with members of our Leadership Team and to discuss the importance of sharing feedback, recognition, to share ideas and ask burning questions. 

I like the small groups and the possibility to interact one-to-one with our Managing Director. It makes you stop and think about your own leadership style


We proactively support colleagues in their professional growth by providing a secure space for reflection and dialogue. Together with their peers, they develop deeper personal insights into who they are and who they want to be, identify personal drivers and limitations and develop an actionable plan to fulfil their personal objectives.

What I took away from this program is a meaningful quote we heard on Day 1: ‘Even Batman had Robin’. If I ever doubt my capacity to do something, I always think of this!


This unique program developed in partnership with Vlerick Business School offers in-house “People Manager” skills training in a dynamic learning setting.

A great learning opportunity because of the collaboration with colleagues and reflecting together on each other’s experiences as people managers. It helped me to see my role as a people manager in a different way and how I can develop further


We offer our senior leaders an opportunity to work further on their professional and personal development in private 1-to-1 sessions with an external executive coach.

I found these intensive individual coaching sessions very valuable, espe­cially for getting to know myself better, understanding my values and the ‘rea­sons’ behind my leadership approach and decisions. I’ve learned simple but effective techniques to address per­sonal obstacles and grow as a person and as an Accenture executive

Author: Gauthier Agimont