Accenture team wins EU Datathon prize for carbon footprint tracker

Did you know that CO2 emissions worldwide have increased by over 30% in the last 15 years? Are you curious to know what your personal contribution is this is? Want to know how you can reduce your personal carbon footprint?

When the European Commission launched the EU Datathon 2019 challenging people to work out solutions around innovation, finance & economy and climate change leveraging data on the EU Open Data Portal, Accenture was keen to participate. 

Inspired by a growing movement across the world to tackle climate change and Accenture’s commitment to address its own environmental impact through co-creating sustainable solutions with its people, partners and suppliers, a young and dynamic team from across different parts of our company joined forces and combined their skills in an innovative way to design an app called “MindYourFoot” that tracks personal behavior with a data dashboard to view the data from an EU perspective.

Only a few teams out of the original 100 candidates got the chance to develop their business case and present it to an EU jury at the final. The Accenture team was proud to be among them. On June 13, after an exciting pitch round, our project was awarded 3rd place in the climate change challenge!The prize money will be donated to We Forest, a charity helping to tackle climate change by planting trees to lower carbon emissions globally. 


Using data as a catalyst for climate change action

MindYourFoot is a central data platform with two user interfaces: one mobile application and one online data dashboard. We turned big sets of data from the EU Open Data Portal into bite sized bits of information for people by adding a user friendly knowledge layer on top. The mobile application allows individuals to track their personal carbon footprint and compare it with their peers. The app also challenges and motivates the user to take action to reduce their carbon footprint by changing their personal behavior. The in-app user behavior data is anonymized and integrated with EU Data on the data platform. The online data dashboard is an interface that shows data from an EU-wide perspective. Here, the aim is to inspire governments & companies using this data to make changes at policy level on carbon emissions. Data visualizations provide rapid insights for policy makers and corporate changemakers to take action on climate change. This two-step approach allows us to empower people and organizations to take positive, data driven action on climate change.


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