100 Brussels Youth Discover Their Talent

In May, Accenture experts from our HR team joined other volunteers from Securex, Nestlé and Freshfields to coach 100 young job seekers from central Brussels during one day in practical skill to prepare for the world of work.

This is the 4th consecutive year Accenture participates in Discover Your Talent at Cureghem Cellars, an event organized by our social partner, the non-profit Maks.

Young people in Brussels have a lot of talent, but they are often not taught how to put themselves in the spotlight

says Joëlle Verriest, an employment consultant at Maks.

Finding a job is not easy, but you can learn how to apply in the best way and this increases your chances,” she adds.

The event was attended by Guy Vanhengel, Minister of Finance and Budget for the Brussels-Capital Region and comprised practical workshops where young people learned tips & tricks on how to prepare a strong CV, build a professional digital profile on social media, what to wear to job interviews and presentation skills, including being filmed. As one participant said: “It was very instructive, because you often don’t realize how you behave in an interview situation!” All participants went home with a strong motivation letter and a professional profile photo they can use in future job applications.

10 Skills to Succeed partners, 10,000 beneficiaries in BeLux

Accenture’s global Skills to Succeed ambition is to equip more than 3 million people worldwide with the skills to get a job or build a business by 2020. In Belgium and Luxembourg, the program is dynamic and growing. In 2015 alone, 25% of BeLux people were involved in Skills to Succeed initiatives resulting in 13 pro bono projects, around 1000 man-days of Accenture consultancy, impacting 10,000 beneficiaries.

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(Photo’s courtesy of Maks vzw)

Author: Magali Frankl